Projects with Josh Saunders at St Marylebone School & Bridge School

(Feb 2017)

At the Bridge Josh Saunders is working on a one to one basis with three students. His main aim with them is to have produced a short filmic piece based on the themes they’ve been exploring. By getting them to explain things they like, things they hate, things that really irritate them they worked together to draw out a theme and a direction in which to produce something visual.

Example: The Lost Bus

This student’s project, which he has self titled, “The lost bus” stemmed from his journey into school. It was cold out and really stuffy on the bus. The windows were all steamed up and he couldn’t see out of the window. This frustrated him because he usually likes the bus but hates not being able to see out of the window. Frustration is a great emotion to portray, its a very honest and important feeling. Here we have the boring buildings made from newspaper (because he hates reading) tearing away to reveal the colourful buildings that appear when the bus is delightfully lost on its way to school.

At St Marylebone Josh has been working with year 9 groups to produce a film piece.

These abstract aboriginal looking pieces are the outcome of a group drawing exorcise, looking specifically at mark making and trying to evoke the feeling of falling. One outcomes is a great A2 map of madness that we shot the paper close up to produce an animated outcome to which we put sound to and edited.

Projects with students at Grey Coat Hospital school by Cara George

The following images were done by students in years 7,8 and 9 working with our Creative Mentor Cara George at Grey Coat Hospital school.

Some of the images show the art wall resource which Cara has made to help and encourage students to access galleries and look at contemporary culture within the city. The other images are from Cara’s art club where the students focused on collage and drawing to create ideas for the jewellery collection they are working on.