Faye Treacy: Spring 2016 at St Marylebone School

This term has presented many different but enjoyable challenges. Exam time is upon us in the main school and the pressure on both staff and students is at its peak. To help relieve some of the stress I ran some revision sessions for the year 11s. In the GCSE music syllabus you have to learn 12 set pieces. The one issue I realised that was more prevalent in the dyslexic students was a lack of understanding of some vocabulary which was relevant from western classical to popular music. Another weaker area was Aurol skills which again applied to both western classical, pop to minimalist 20thC music.

I split the 12 set works into different colour flash cards for vocabulary, 3 cards per word. I find repetition is key when memorising language. I then made mind maps for each set work, with the core information they would need. I went through previous past papers to work out what they were most likely going to need to know. I then ran revision sessions with small numbers of students, going through their individual revision packs I’d made for them and then spent the second part focusing on Aurol skills so they could hear the chord sequences and cadences for the Aurol part of their exams.