Feedback from Teachers

In addition to gaining an understanding of the needs of students with dyslexia, having another artist working in the classroom alongside us was one of the main benefits. We were introduced to a wide range of contemporary practitioners and specialist practices, e.g. large scale sculpture, film, photography, silk screen printing.

Having someone work with the students who isn’t a teacher and can connect with them on another level. Having someone who can share their experiences of the world of work with the students is really helpful. Having another creative in the department to share ideas with and to support the students who may be struggling due to their learning needs.

It was very good to be able to give more opportunities in the department for creative work. As we are a very busy department it is good that we are able to add to our activities. It also has allowed us to spend more individual time with students-vital in a creative subject.

It was so beneficial to be able to introduce specialist techniques such as printmaking, Photoshop, film.

The exhibitions and events really boosted their self-esteem.

Year 7/8 pupils have really enjoyed working on a creative project jointly with the art department mentor. Tutoring and mentoring a year 12 AS music student has helped her to grow in confidence and ensured she has not fallen behind the rest of the class.

We really value having a mentor working with us and recognize how lucky we are to have professional artists working with us.

Support from someone with specialist knowledge, sharing ideas and collaborative planning of lessons is so helpful. This is an excellent provision for schools.

Feedback from Students

I enjoyed learning how to make different things such as knit, finger knit, weave and many more. Our mentors created a relaxing atmosphere and we all felt comfortable doing things we enjoy. We always looked forward to the sessions.

Because of working with my creative mentor I have developed new aspirations of working with design and creative things. It has made me realise that you learn lots more just being yourself and creative.
My mentor has helped me to understand music theory better so I like it more.

If I had not been involved with the creative mentors I wouldn’t have been so encouraged to continue music into GCSE

I learnt more about the 7 elements in music and how to improve my memory. The drumming helped me improve my focusing skills.

We started of doing mostly percussion and then went on to poetry and back ground music and we finished off jamming by singing songs with different types of instruments I liked the way my mentor listened to my suggestions and came up with ways of making things fun

I have seen why I get confused in music and it has been easy for me to see why and know I can overcome my struggles.

We went round the school and recorded different sounds related to school, then we added effects and created a composition. We have made stencils to create shadows..

It made me feel more confident.

It was nice to work within a group without being assessed on it.

In years 8 and 9 I was not very good at drawing and therefore due to the curriculums emphasis was not considered to be good at art. At this point my form tutor told my mother that I was below average in the year group, mediocre at best in art. Despite the schools lack of encouragement I did choose to study art at GCSE. There were several others like myself who were not considered to be good at drawing and therefore did not continue with art past year 9. In the years since a few of them have expressed to me how much they wished they had been good enough to continue with art. Interestingly, like myself they too were part of the Special Educational Needs group at school. Fortunately for me, my parents had an art background and did not listen to my form tutor and encouraged me to continue with art. By the end of GCSE and A level my art teachers were giving me very positive feedback. I have now gained a place at Kingston art foundation. I believe that some of these students would have benefited from Creative Mentors as there is a lot more to art and creativity than drawing skills and I find it sad that they were so discouraged from a subject that they were interested in and enjoyed.